Construction of Long-Term Relationships

University of Tennessee Medical Center

Johnson & Galyon Construction would like to express our congratulations  to the University of Tennessee Medical Center on their 60th Anniversary! Celebration is well deserved as they have been a key member of the Knoxville community, East Tennessee and the surrounding area since their opening in 1956. But, our relationship began 4 years earlier.

UTMC 1955 Construction

Construction of the University of Tennessee Memorial Research Center and Hospital (1955), now UT Medical Center.

In 1952 Johnson & Galyon was known by another name, Johnson & Willard. It wasn’t until 1955 when we were incorporated under the name Johnson & Galyon. In October of 1952 the University of Tennessee accepted bids on a new project, the University of Tennessee Memorial Research Center and Hospital. The low bidder…Johnson & Willard. This was the beginning of one of our company’s most important relationships which still thrives today.

After almost 64 years and hundreds of UT Medical Center projects later, Johnson & Galyon will begin the construction of the new Heart Hospital Expansion. How have we maintained this relationship over the years? Expertise and execution.

Johnson & Galyon’s first significant healthcare construction project was in 1929 with the construction of St. Mary’s Hospital in North Knoxville. Ever since, we’ve been involved in healthcare construction all over the Knoxville region. Our healthcare construction experience has provided the expertise UT Medical Center required to build the facilities which serve their patient’s needs and grow into what it has become today.

In addition to our expertise, Johnson & Galyon was able to execute on the plans and advice it has provided over the years. Advice and consultation are one thing, but performance is another. Relationships depend on doing what you say you’ll do. If you continually fail to live up to your word, those relationships will fail as well. We believe this so deeply “Reliably doing what we say” has become one of our Core Beliefs as a company. As a result, relationships like those with the University of Tennessee Medical Center will continue to thrive for many years to come.

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